TR's Philosophy

LaTRicia "TR", LMT, M.S, M.Ed, ACE-CPT

Private Master Fitness Professional, License Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Sports Conditioning Coach, Certified Stretch Therapist & Vegan . LaTRicia aims to transform your body Naturally, Effectively & Safely into a Fit and Healthier YOU, by teaching her clients how to lead Healthy Lifestyle habits Mentally, Emotionally & Physically. "TR" is old school, with an old soul, she's "COMPLETELY AGAINST" weight loss products of ANY KIND and has no tolerance for gimmicks & misleading individuals about their health.

TR SAID's, "I believe in the power of Fresh "FOOD", Regular Exercise and Educating people about their bodies. Your food is your medicine, I'm more concern about your heart, lungs and kidneys rather than your abs!!!! NO MORE EXCUSES, I'm here to EMPOWER YOUR LIFE through Exercise, Whole-Foods & Hard Work. This is not just my business, it's MY LIFE!             

TR's Passion

TRain With "TR" LLC is an In Home & On Location Complete Wellness Service that offers Private Fitness Training, Stretch Therapy, Sports Conditioning, Organic/Fresh Food Recipes and Therapeutic Massage Therapies. We TRAVEL TO OUR CLIENTS, in Aventura, Sunny Isles, Brickell, Down Town Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Doral, Coral Gables, Hollywood Beach, Hallandale Beach & Ft. Lauderdale Beach areas. We personalized exercise programs to fit each individuals fitness needs and provide eating regimes consisting of organic, fresh foods, educational resources and healthy recipes. In addition "TR" provides a variety of in home professional massage therapies, to address muscular/skeletal acute and/or chronic physical discomforts.

LaTRicia's goal is to help her clients health & fitness goals to loose weight, build muscle, control diabetes, stress, control hypertension and decrease cholesterol levels through regular exercise, healthy eating habits and therapeutic treatments. LaTRicia's absolute PASSION is to teach and help her clients to maintain a long lasting "COMPLETE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!